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Band Leader & Dholi

Rishi Thakar is a prominent and well-known Tabla player and percussionist in Southern California. Starting  the age of 6 years old, and a student of Guru Hemant Ekbote and many ustads from all over India, he has accompanied numerous playback singers from Bollywood and lent his versatile talents to commercial and background scores and jingles.  With a hunger for creating new types of music, he has created and been apart of various fusion ensembles. Rishi has always believed in keeping the tradition alive and bringing back a piece of his motherland, India  to the U.S. He did just that when he founded the Bolly Boyz band and entertainment services in early 2016. At the forefront of his priorities, Rishi has made it his goal to make the Bolly Boyz  a leader and household name when it comes to live entertainment. 

Interesting Fact: I recite Tabla rhythms in my sleep.